Piątek, 15 kwietnia, 20:30 – 22:00 

Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts, has the largest Media Arts program in the Northeast. 
The Department of Visual and Media Arts instructs 1800 undergraduate and 80 graduate students
who study all facets of media arts including film, television, cinematography, documentary, screenwriting,
editing, producing, animation, art history, sound and new media.
Students study both at the home campus in Boston and at the Emerson College Los Angeles Center in Hollywood.

Emerson College Student Film Showcase 2016:

„Projected”, dir. Thomas Steele
An animated fantasy of living life in the movies.
„Sterile”, dir. Matthew Klein
A grim, historical account of forced human sterilization in North Carolina.
„Fade”, dir. Peter Kwok
A somber tale of a father and son captured in the dead of winter.
„Shayne Paints”, dir. Claudio Jungri
An up-tempo documentary on the power of graffiti art.
„Lloyd and the Priest”, dir. JP DiSciscio
A dark comedy about death and religion.
„Aster and Sidney”, dir. Sean Temple (Festival Guest)
A tense drama about two women struggling to survive.
„Departure”, dir. Emily Pietro (Festival Guest)
A young boy prepares for a visit from the great beyond.
„Radiant”, dir. Emily Pietro (Festival Guest)
A young woman confronts her anxiety about who she is.
„My Yizkor”, dir. Gabriel Volcovich (Festival Guest)
An eldery man remembers his life in a WWII death camp.
„Terranaut”, dir. Molly Benjaminson (Festival Guest)
Two women must make a decision about their lives together.

Biographies of our guests:

Dr. Jim Lane is both a media scholar and film/video maker with extensive publications and production experience. He has published articles in Wide Angle, Jump Cut, The Journal of Film and Video, and Film History. In spring 2002, he published The Autobiographical Documentary in America through the University of Wisconsin Press.
His filmography includes a mix of autobiographical, documentary, and experimental films and videos, most of which have been exhibited at major film festivals in the United States and Europe. His autobiographical film I Am Not an Anthropologist, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and an experimental work Lightplay, won several awards at U.S. film festivals. Jim has also been a film/video curator at the UCLA Film and TV Archive and Harvard Film Archive and is the Co-Founder of the Boston Irish Film Festival. He has just completed his latest film Looking Back, which reflects on adoption, family and death. Jim was the Executive Director of Emerson LA for fourteen years and is currently Senior Scholar-in-Residence for the department of Visual and Media Arts in LA. He is also the Founding Director of the Prague Summer Program in Film.

Molly Benjaminson writes, directs and edits narrative and documentary film. Her experience traveling around the world when she was young shapes her work, lending it a poetic and reflective quality. Her first short film Terranaut, her thesis film at Emerson College, is an exploration into identity and belonging, a common theme in all her work. A true Oregonian at heart, she hopes to one day live in the wilderness with her dogs and family

Emily Pietro born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, Emily has always had a passion for art and film. She has written, directed and produced several narrative short films in her time at Emerson College and hopes to continue to create, learn and develop her skills as a filmmaker. Her passions include painting, set designing, and telling unique stories in unconventional ways.

Sean Temple is a screenwriter and director pursuing his MFA in Media Arts at Emerson College. As an undergraduate he minored in Sociology, which sparked a passion for social justice. He strives to tell stories about under-represented characters that will create awareness, critique injustice and subvert negative stereotypes. He has written and directed several short films that have screened at multiple film festivals Sean is currently in various stages of production on multiple short films, TV pilots, and feature films.

Gabriel Volcovich born in Mexico City and raised in both Mexico and Toronto Canada, Gabriel Volcovich has been immersed in the world of filmmaking from a young age. Currently finishing his fourth year of Film Production at Emerson College, Gabriel continues to work on school productions as Director and Cinematographer. Outside of school, he produces his own independent films. Gabriel has worked in narrative and documentary projects in Mexico, Canada, Israel, United States, and most recently Brazil.