Emerson College Showcase of Films

Instytut Adama Mickiewicza przedstawia program filmowy studentów Emerson College Boston/Los Angeles.

Piątek, 7 kwietnia, 20:30 – 22:00

Body Wash (3′, 2016) Michael Robida

A comedy about what kinds of messages you leave people on their voice mail. Things can quickly change!

Blueberries (15′, 2016) Jordan Gustafason

A long take film about a couple waking up in one state of mind but ending in a very different place.

A House By the Waterfall (7′, 2016) Haoyang Wang

Another long take film in 360 degrees. An ensemble cast chats around a dinner table and makes reference to, among many other things, Roman Polanski’s „The Tenant”.

The Sisters (10′, 2016) Guangya Zeng

An intimate portrait documentary about a woman who runs an antique shop in downtown Boston.

Si No Te Vas/If You Do Not Go (16′, 2016) Pablo Vaca Orvananos

Augustina and Poncho have built up a deep love for each other as immigrants in the US.  Family obligations pull Augustina back home and force the couple to reflect on the status of their of relationship.  

Beyond Me (17′, 2017) Yuval Shapiro

Reminiscent of Chantal Akerman, this film takes an oblique look at a solitary figure who moves through ebbs and flows of the city at night.

Down Hill Battle (4′, 2016) Michael Robida

Life coaching will never be the same in this manic comedy about advice, cell phones and burned toast.

Jonah Stands Up (22′, 2016) Hanna Engelson

This documentary portrait of Jonah Bascle reveals the life of a New Orleans stand up comic, social activist and artist who is dealing with a degenerative neuro-muscular disease.